I'm cool...well not really

Sarah shot this picture last night. She said I looked like a total geek sitting on the couch with all my kiln notes and books on salt and soda firing, not to mention my really hip attire. I aspire to be a really cool dude but it just isn't happening. I am more of a weirdo geek type with little artsy bits here and there.
I like nerds and geeks. After all I was a mathematics major in college. There are lots of types, you have the computer nerds, intellecutals, with pocket protecters and thick glasses, or the pimpley, shy, video game geeks, or the weird, fantasy loving dungeons and dragons type, and then theres the Napoleon Dynamite type, sort of out there in a rural backcountry kinda way. That would be me in a way I guess, especially on the dance floor.