Off to NCECA

I am leaving today for Louisville, Ky for the NCECA conference. I actually may not even attend the conference. The main reason for going is that the Circle of Eight has an exhibiton so we are all going down for the opening, and also to go around to all the galleries to see other shows.
Our show is at Mad About Art which is on the Louisville Stoneware Gallery Route.
The show is called Circle of Eight and Their Influential Artists. We each invited an artist who was an influence on our work or way of working. Here's the lineup.

Adrienne Dellinger invites Cynthia Bringle
Greg Scott invites Ron Meyers
Ron Philbeck invites Mary Law
Julie Wiggins invites Suze Lindsey&Kent McLaughlin
Amy Sanders invites Julia Galloway
Dale Duncan invites Tony Clennell
Sandy Singletary invites Sandy Pierantozzi
Jen Mecca invites Linda Christianson

It should be fun. Our opening is this Friday from 5 till 9.