Unloaded. Good Firing!

I had another good firing! Yea. I think it was probably a good thing my sprayer failed. This firing was on the light salt side with nice flashing and neutral atmosphere. I like it a lot. I didn't get to take any pictures of individual pots but here are some shots just out of the kiln and another after unloading onto the showroom floor. I'll try and get some close ups tomorrow. I had some nice plates, oven pots, oil cans, yunomi, soup and serving bowls, and lots of other things. I have to finish getting it all set up in the showroom and in the studio tomorrow.
Tonight we took Karma to doggie school. It was fun and she was pretty good. She needs to be around more dogs. Sarah and I always get a good laugh at ourselves, we have differenting 'parenting' styles and approaches.
Okay check back tomorrow for more. I hope some of you make it out in person this weekend.