It smells funny around here.

I have had a good day of doing things around the house. I just had a nice shower and I think I'll call it a day. I got my pots slipped and the yard mowed and 2 racks of clay mixed. I also made a much needed trip to the landfill. It's been nice to be outside today...with one drawback. The man who rents the pastureland behind our house is putting out fertlizer today. Not just any fertilizer but 100% chicken manure. He's been at it all day. I guess someone cleaned out their chicken houses and he got the manure. So there's a wonderful smell enveloping my surroundings. It's fine indoors. I have the windows all shut up. Anyhow, it's not so bad, just part of living out in the country. I grew up on a farm so I am used to cow manure and the like. (Chicken s*#t is the worse smelling stuff there is though). I am glad that he is using something natural, he could be spreading chemical fertilizer instead which would definitely run off into our creek.

Tomorrow I have to teach a beginner class at Clayworks and then Sarah and I are going to see David Sedaris!!!!! Yea!!! I can't wait. Sarah got the tickets for me for my birthday. I am totally excited.