Monday. Work.

Here is the pot I bought at Will and Douglass'. I love this tall foot.
I had a productive day back in the studio after playing all weekend. I got 2 boards of luncheon plates made, some mugs, and some shallow dishes that will get birds attached to them tomorrow. Also a few yunomi and shot glasses from my test clay. I am looking forward to my clay coming out of the racks next week. It will be a good change from the very smooth body I have been using for the past while.
It's incredibly windy here today. Gusts up around 50 mph. The sun is out and it's warm. I am ready for the weather to level out around here.
Circle of Eight is having our Spring Pottery Sale this Saturday in Charlotte. I am very excited. We are hoping for a good turnout. We have invited a guest potter to join us this time, her name is Kelly O'briant and she lives near Raleigh. I'll post more info. soon.