Lunch with Randy

Today I had lunch with the potter Randy Johnston. Well, I had lunch while Randy made pots and talked on this dvd that I got called The Nourishable Accident. I just got it today. I have seen Randy make pots in person years ago at a conference, but it was good to see his methods again. It really reminded me that I needed to slow down. Really, slow down my wheel. I throw on a treadle wheel and it doesn't go very fast to begin with. The video shows RJ throwing on a Korean kickwheel and a treadle. The slow wheels and soft, sandy clay give his pots a beauty that cannot be had with any other methods.
After lunch I went out and made some 2 lb jars with lids and mixing bowls. Nice and slow. It's hard for me to remember to go slow. My 'monkey mind' gets going and before I know it I'm kicking up a storm. Maybe I'll put up a sign on my wheel or something. What could it say? 'Go Slow, Pots Ahead'?
Anyhow that was a good lesson for my day. Once my clay is out of the favorite body, the one with sand, and grog, and fireclay...I'll be sure to slow down and enjoy it. It is my hope that the pots will reflect this enjoyment.