New Day, New Week

Quick Monday morning post before I get going. I had a good day of rest on Sunday. Today looks like it is going to be a beautiful day, I plan to do some yard work and some last minute work on pots in the studio. I will be firing soon. Either over the weekend or in a week from today. My next show is with the Claymatters Guild in Charlotte on May 12th, so I want to fire before then. I have some platters that are made to hang as well as a few new teapots, jars, and bowls. All the clay I mixed came out of the racks over the weekend. So I am all set on that end. My first pots of May will be a dinnerware order that is to be delivered in October. I want to get it knocked out now so I won't be stressed at the last minute.
Have a good start to the week. Check back for more later.