Quick post

I drove up to Asheville this morning and picked up my dry materials so I can mix clay next week. It was a beautiful day, the mountains were greening up with the trees budding out, the sun was shining, and the sky blue with a few high white clouds. I didn't hang out in Asheville long although it was tempting, it's such a 'happening' place. I needed to get back home and unload all this stuff and get the pickup truck back to Roy.
I finished up a few pots from yesterday including some teapots I made earlier in the week. They aren't really me I don't think but it was good to make them. It informs of what I like to do and don't like to do. These pots were a little too finished or tight or something. I'll post a pic tomorrow after I get them slipped. I think I'll make a few more teapots for this kiln load, probably more like the ones on my website.
The weather is tricking us. After some days in the 80's we are now only in the 50's and are expecting lows down around 30 for the weekend. I guess we'll have to wait another few days for the warmth to return. Sarah and I have to take Karma to doggie school this evening, I'm going to make Sarah wear her longjohns, she about froze last week.
I'll try and get something a little more interesting up in the next day or so. Until then.