A Few Pots

Here are the two teapots I said I made last week. I didn't think I was going to like them too much but as it turns out, I do. I have been wanting to make some teapots with longer spouts and bigger, fuller bodies, and this is what I got. I was sort of unsure about what to do about the handles but I think this worked out for now. I like back handles on teapots, but these seemed to call for over the top handles. They were going to be plain and undecorated, but I have decided to explore the Toyko pattern in this next load of pots. So they got the slip pours and I am happy with that. I also made some yunomi to do some pours on. Here they are.
I am feeling really inspired lately. I actually worked in the studio last night for a while. I hardly ever work at night and never on Saturday nights. So that was fun. I made a couple of jars and some 16 lb. platters. I'll talk a little more about why I am feeling inspired in my next post.