Last Pots for This Load

I finished up these yunomi this morning, cutting the feet and... well I still have to slip them but then they'll be ready. I made these five from my fireclay body which I am happy to be returning to. They threw nicely and the feet cut well too. These have all been squared and decorated in different ways...stamped, sprigs, roped, finger mark, and a plain one with just the marks from the rib.
A while back I bought a jar from Rock Creek Pottery that had a nice tall foot. I thought I'd make some pots with tall feet too. I had intended for all of these to be baskets but wasn't sure how to solve the handle. So there's one with a clay handle, one with lugs that will get a wire handle, and for the other two I gave up on the basket idea because I thought they might look good with a bird on the rim. I am sure I'll be making more tall footed pots, it's very dramatic. We'll see where they take me.
These are the last pots for my upcoming firing. Things are drying out quickly so I'll get in a bisque soon and then fire the salt kiln next week.