Friday's Images

I took these images today as I was getting ready to pack up for my show tomorrow. I did more decorated pots in this kiln. I haven't made these star mugs in a while. I had to throw in that white one. These plates were fun. I went through a 'dot phase' a few years ago, I brought it back on these plates and included some crossed lines. A simple pattern and pretty effective.
Luncheon plates.
Spouted mixer. I like that the blue slip can also be this black color if it gets little salt. Most of this load was on the lightly salted side. I am really fond of that look although I tend to go back and forth between light salt and really juicy orange peel. The cool thing is that I can get both in one firing.
So tomorrow, May 12th, I will be at the ClayMatters Pottery Guild Sale in Charlotte. The location is 8300 Monroe Rd and it's from 10am till 4 pm. If you are in the area please come out and see me.