Off the Hook

I was glad not to be selected to serve on a jury yesterday. I have to admit that once we all got moved from the waiting area into the court room things were much more interesting. The lawyers for both parties and the judge asked questions of the potential jurors. This was all very new to me and as I sat there I became aware of some of my bias and prejudices. I think I am open minded and can be objective but as I sat there I wondered if I would have been able to let go of these things and give each party a clean slate. I felt triggered by some of the questions and if I would have been in the jury box I think I'd have spoken up and admitted it. Once both sides were satisfied with the jury all the rest of us were free to go. Much relief among the 25 or so of us not chosen. Now that I have been to the process once I don't think I'll be so annoyed if I am called again, sure it's an inconvenience, and the first part of waiting around in a room full of people with the stupid TV on is torture, but I do see the value in this system and I have more respect for it now. Of course the pay sucks, $12 a day!