Getting Some Pots Made

I am hoping this week will be more productive than the last. It seems all I did last week was run around. So today I made a good start and got some pots made. First off I threw 15 luncheon plates to go with the dinner plates I made last week. Below are the first 12 of these. I'll get the feet cut tomorrow. These animal jars got finished up today too. Lots of critters. I even made a pig this time, after all this is North Carolina and barbecue pork is king. I'll probably make another board of these this week as they are good sellers and I have none in stock. Here is a shot of the tray I mentioned last week. This is a special order for a customer of mine. Her husband wants it for bringing meat in off the grill. It's really big, I've never made a tray like this so I hope it makes it through the firing. I have a back up just in case. I like these lugs.
I also made some cups today and worked in the house. This Saturday is 'drywall day'. We are planning on getting as much hung as possible. I'd like the have the finishers in here in the next week or two.