At Last

The kiln is going. I just put it into body reduction a few minutes ago. I expect I'll finish up around 4 today.

The weekend was nice. On Saturday I had a meeting with the Circle of Eight. We are planning our next show and ironing out details on an exhibit in Greenwood SC we have in a month. I'll put up details on the opening soon. We had a big discussion over our name, 'Circle of Eight'. There is sort of a glitch since we had one member leave in Feb. So now we are really Seven, but we like our name and everyone has started using it and we have gotten press with it so we have all decided to just keep it. I am the one who raised a fuss over it. I'm sort of geeky and possibly OCD over things like this, numbers, inconsistencies, things not as they should be. Ha. It's ridiculous, anyhow, if anyone asks I'll just say the 'eight' is a metaphor. Whatever that means.

Sarah and I had a good night out on Saturday, we went out and bought me a much needed new pair of glasses and then to dinner at our favorite Italian resturant in Gastonia. I am sick of having glasses and am considering having laser surgery. Anyone have any experience with this? I need to check it out. Sunday we had breakfast with Sarah's folks and later that evening a cookout with my family. So we ate well all weekend.

I have a group of teens coming tomorrow from a Rotory Club summer camp. This will be the third year of their visit. I look forward to talking and demoing for them. I need to go start cleaning up the studio for that and for my upcoming sale.

Pictures of new pots will be posted here on Wednesday. Have a great Monday!