Monday. Back at it.

I feel like I had a good day back at work in the shop. I finished up some things like getting my tall footed bowls slipped, and cut feet on my 18" dishes and got them slipped too. I also finished up a few tankards that I made on a whim at the end of the day on Friday. Below are the big dishes. I made a board of mugs and a few jars that will get animals. Also some lobed bowls that will have tripod feet. The shapes on the right will be pilgrim bottles. I haven't made these in awhile and realized today I had none in the showroom. I also made two boards of 2 qt. bakers and two sets of owl candle stick holders.
All this stuff will get finished up tomorrow. I do have to help out at the Arts Council at 10 am and then a board meeting at noon. So I'll need to have a productive afternoon or some of this may ride over till Wednesday.
Sarah is out tonight with a friend so I made myself a nice dinner. Tom had send me a pasta sauce recipe so I tried it out. It was really nice. I'll have left overs tomorrow for lunch.
I felt better day than I did over the weekend. I was really aware of all the messages and clatter in my head and what kind of effects it has upon me. I am trying to practice awareness and attention. I appreciate the positive comments and emails some of you send me.
Well now it's time to do the dinner dishes, which is a good time to practice awareness and enjoy all the nice pots I've used today.