I have been sort of a slackard lately as far as posting goes. I am feeling a bit guilty, but will try and make up for some it this week. There has been a good deal going on around here, as well as Sarah and I making a trip to the mountains for a family reunion, and having some family visit us here in Shelby. I am at the end of my making cycle for this month ( a bit early), and will hopefully fire the salt kiln over the weekend. I unloaded this bisque yesterday and got the pots glazed that needed it. I reloaded and have another going now. On a personal note, I am struggling with some decisions and true to my nature (or more accurately, my conditioning) I am mostly moving in circles. I have been rather disconnected lately, hence the lack of posts, but I am taking care and hope to do more this week.

I have a few more things to report regarding a Circle of Eight show that is coming up and some fellow bloggers that I want to mention. That will have to wait until later as I need to get the dogs out and on with my day. Stay tuned, hopefully there'll be more later.