I unloaded the kiln today. I have mixed feelings about it because it was a pretty mixed up firing. I had some pretty nice pots and quite a few that I was not happy with at all. I am struggling with knowing what's going on with my firings. It seems I have lost the consistancy that I once could rely on from this kiln. Disappointed as I am with some of the pots I am raring to go and get back in the studio to make for the next load so I can try and work it out. Salt/soda firing is certainly not for the weak at heart. I have to say that just when I think I know what is going on then something new comes up. My clay test was not very successful. My slip did not fit well. So here are some of the pots. First up are a couple of jugs/pitchers. A large oval baker.
These bowls are new. I like the contrast of the yellow slip interior to the exterior.
Here is the problem that I am running into time and time again, dryish, rough, dark, scum. It happens mainly in the front of the kiln where it is hottest and on the fire face side of the pots. Often the other side of the pot will be just fine.
I keep thinking to myself it is time to rebuild this kiln. I feel like there is so much salt build up on the walls that I am getting this negative effect from early residual salt build up on the pots where they are getting the hottest early on.