Beating the Heat

It was over 100 degrees here again today. Early this morning I did some yard work but soon retired indoors to the studio to tidy up and make some cone packs and basically do little else. I have managed some computer work and went to town for some odds and ends in anticipation for my trip to Minnesota.

Here is a picture of Sarah from Wednesday when we attended a wedding at South Mountain State Park. My little wild flower had to get in the river and cool off. I should have done the same but I was a bit over dressed in slacks.

I am presently enjoying a banana smoothie. Here's how to make one: Freeze two bananas (peel before freezing). In a blender combine the bananas, 10 oz or so of soy or rice milk, a couple table spoons, more or less of chocloate syrup, and some honey if desired. Blend until smooth, you may have to add more liquid. Drink slowly to avoid brain freeze.

Tomorrow morning I am heading to Charlotte to help my friend Julie with some things at Clayworks and I will also pick up some materials to mix clay. Hopefully I'll do that Sunday. That way it can be in the racks while I am away.

All for now. Have a good Friday evening.