From Minnesota

I am having a great time here in Minnesota. The Mackenzie exhibit in Rochester was amazing. The space was huge. There was no photography allowed so I have no images to share. The pots were all displayed on eight tables that were about 8' x 8' and knee high. There were also lines on pots on the walls, jars, platters, bottles, and serving plates. It was so cool to see pots from the last 50 years or so all brought together. I could tell many had been in regular use and some had been repaired from chips or breaks. On entering the exhibit space I was confronted by a large white wall with 3 long inset shelves each holding 7 yunomi. This was a dramatic display too. There were large photos on the wall of Warren working and images from the past. There was a beautiful display of a dinnerware set made early on (I'll check on the date) and decorated by Alix. Also 3 Hamada pots and 2 Leach pots from Warren's collection.

Yesterday I started the day by going to visit Warren for a few hours. I had written and called weeks ago so I was expected. I was greeted by Nancy, Warren's wife, and also by Joan Mondale who had just arrived also. Joan and I went down to the workshop and talked to Warren while he made yunomi. It was a great visit, made easier for me (I'm somewhat shy) by Joan's presence. We all chatted and Warren and Joan worked along until lunchtime. We went to the house for a nice lunch with Nancy who was also stewing plums for jelly and cooking Japanese eggplant for a later meal. After lunch it was time for me to move on and I headed into the city to the Northern Clay Center.

Later, I drove west to Randy Johnston's pottery in River Falls. Yes, I know I'm going all over the place. That's the great thing about traveling alone and having no agenda. I got to Randy's around 4 and made a selection from the showroom. I walked up to the workshop and who did I find there with Randy? Warren. It was sort of funny. They were busy talking about glaze materials, so I talked with Jan, Randy's wife and a great potter. Anyhow I didn't stay long after Warren left as it was late in the day and Randy and Jan were preparing to go off to teach at Anderson Ranch for two weeks.

That's it for now. I'll post more later. I have a busy day planned today, I am heading north. I have one more day tomorrow that is pretty wide open. I feel like after today I will be more than ready to get back home.