Visiting with Linda

My visit with Linda Christianson was really wonderful. She and her family welcomed me into their home and Linda took lots of time to spend with me. When I arrived Linda showed me around the new studio that she and her husband Jeff have been working on for the past few years. It is nearing completion and it is a wonderful space. Linda's two chamber, bourry box, wood kiln is finished and has been fired 3 times since the spring. Her studio space is almost finished too. We discussed all the options for lighting. Jeff has a wood working space and a nice area for hot glass.

Over dinner preparation we discussed favorite radio stations, books, pots and caught up on what has been going on since we last saw one another. I spent the night out in the studio and it was a beautiful cool night. I got up once very late and walked outside to look up into sky. It was a dark clear night and there were a million stars visible over head. The next morning after breakfast we looked at images of pots on my laptop and pictures from home. Cecilia, Linda and Jeff's daughter, joined us out on the porch. She's grown so much since I was there last. The day went on and I got to check out some nice pots that Linda had in her cupboard from the UK. We used a nice bowl of Lisa Hammond's for mixing up a fruit salad for lunch and Linda showed me her favorite bowl to use for cereal, one by Micki Schloessingk. These are two of my favorite potters so it was a treat to see the pots.

After lunch I selected some of Linda's pots to purchase and bring back home. I got a nice cereal/soup bowl, a square mug, and a slab tray. I would have loved to have had more but I can only get so much on the plane.

We ended the visit by me giving Linda and Cecilia a little ride up to the mailbox in my rental car, a PT Cruiser, which everyone said looked like a little German car. Linda marched up and down the drive like a soldier as I drove off. She made me laugh more than once while I was there. She's a very kind and generous person and I am grateful to know her.