I didn't realize I hadn't posted since Wednesday. So here is a quickie.
Over the weekend we painted our renovated area, there was some question about one of the colors so that set us back alittle but all is decided now.
I cleaned the whole house on Friday and baked a cake. I also went to the Asian market to get some supplies for a special dinner. This was all for Sarah of course. Her birthday is today but we've been celebrating all weekend. After painting all day on Sat. we had dinner with some friends. She's had a good birthday I think.

I made pots today and finished up a few things. Sorry no pics. I am out of clay for all practical purposes. I'll get mixing towards the end of the week and also get a bisque fired. I leave to go to Minnesota next week and I am getting excited about that.

It was 96 degrees here today and dry as can be. The air quality is awful and we are both suffering with sinus problems.

So that's the long and short of it. More later.