Packing. Inventory

I am feeling pretty good right now about my inventory and my upcoming fall shows. I think I slacked off some last summer and that caught up with me around this time. Today I brought in the pots from the last firing (yes they've been sitting down in the kiln shed for a couple weeks) (I have went down to see them from time to time). I got everything sanded and priced and dusted. I organized things and got all the pots ready and packed up for the Circle of Eight Sale which is Saturday. I am hoping for a good turnout. I felt proud of the pots I brought in today, I think I really have to live with things for a while sometimes before I accept them as they are. I think all potters suffer from this kind of thing, expecting or anticipating what the pots will look like out of the kiln, often to have them come out different and then we are disappointed or dissatisfied for a little while. Kiln Opening is on the 22 and 23 so I will be firing this time next week. I unloaded and loaded another bisque this afternoon. I have lots of new bowls and mugs and plates and such (things you've seen in progress on this blog). These simple kinds of everyday pots are what I love and what I love to pass on to others.

So I feel good and prepared and hopefully this crazy fall season won't be too terrible. This is the time of year when I try to make enough money to make it through the winter months.

Well that's it for now. I hope you'll make plans to come to the Circle sale or my sale in Shelby. If you need info. just email me ronpots2 at yahoo dot com