Old Vase

My neighbor Risa came by today to show me a few pots that she recently acquired. This one was given to her by her mother. I think this is a great pot. I really love it. I was probably made in the Catawaba Valley region of NC and fired in a groundhog type kiln. It is definitely made with native clay. It has an alkaline glaze on the inside only, which I think is unusual. This glaze is made from wood ash, glass, and the clay body. I can't say how old it is but I would say at least 65 years, maybe much more.
It has a great handle, just an ovalish, over the top sort of thing. No fussing on this pot! It was made so casually. I wish I had taken a shot from another angle, maybe I'll get Risa to bring it back by sometime so I can look at it again. I have a feeling this pot will inspire some new forms from me.
My kiln is cooling. I will unload tomorrow, check back in sometime after lunch for pics. I peeped in this evening. It looks okay just on the lighter side colorwise. I can't wait to get in there. I made a nice dish for supper tonight. I am getting lots of cooking ideas from 101 Cookbooks. I made an asparagus and brown rice dish tonight. Sarah loved it, she has gone dairy free and we are both eating less meat, we were almost vegetarians anyway. It's fun trying some new things, I have been having a good time in the kitchen.