Today's Work

Today was a productive Thursday. I got most everything finished up from yesterday (or close to it) and I made another board of mugs, as well as some odds and ends that I needed. Below is a big dish after being slipped. Mugs drying upside down on the rack. Almost ready to be slipped.
Wide shallow bowls. I am in this fat rim, lobed pot phase at the moment. It will be neat to see how these turn out and if anyone likes them. These are an extension of the ones I made last week that were deeper. I think these would be good for pasta or noodles or salad.
A few yunomi, some lobed some combed.
It's been a good day when I come away looking like this from the neck down. I'm not very neat. When my dad comes by and sees me in this condition he always says, "Why don't you get some aprons?" I just like being messy I guess.
I am working towards the firing for my September Home Sale. The dates are Sept. 22 and 23. I got my postcards from the printer today, they look pretty good. I need to mix some racks of clay over the weekend and will start bisquing next week too. My class at Clayworks starts next Tues. so things are going to continue to be busy. Tonight I am off to the Arts Council for the opening of a photography exhibit. That's it for now.