Pots from Monday

Just a few things from today. I've been meaning to make some ramekins. Not for sale but for my kitchen. I like to make chicken pie and shepherds pie and I never have ramekins. I usually just use a big baker but I think it'd be more fun to have these individual servings. So that's that. I could also use these for French onion soup which I make from time to time. I also made a few mugs, simple cylinder shapes that will get some sprigs and handles tomorrow.I haven't made any covered casseroles in a couple years. They aren't too hard to make and I don't know why I've put them off. So I made 4 today (one is off camera), and I also made a tall barrel shaped crock for flour (That's it in the back)
Tomorrow I'll get these lids turned and handles on the bases and lids. Should be more exciting to see then.

Gotta go check on supper.