Welcome Thursday

I started out with a post going on and on about how crazy yesterday was. But I'll just spare you the details and say "Welcome, Thursday!"

The workmen laid the tile in the kitchen yesterday. It looks good and will look even better when it's grouted and all the stuff is back in there.

I finished reading Danny Gregory's book Everyday Matters last night. I want to approach my drawing in a more relaxed way. Just have fun. I sometimes put off doing a drawing because of some lame excuse like, "there's nothing here interesting to draw", "it will take too long", " I have to get up off the couch". Lame, lame, lame. Danny once again has inspired me.

Hopefully I'll have some glazed earthenware to post by Monday!

I downloaded a trial version of Insight glaze software the other night. This could get addictive. It's one of those things that would keep me up till 2 am.

Time for breakfast, a drawing, and off to the Arts Council to check on my bisque kiln. Thanks for checking in. I promise to post some pottery images soon.