Footing a Bowl

I thought it may be helpful to some to see how I cut feet on bowls and plates. Or at least the set up. I'd like the show the cutting via video, but I have to figure out how to do that first. So maybe that whole video thing will happen this year at some point. For now though here are a couple posts that may be helpful.

Below is a soup bowl , freshly thrown. This one was a two pounder. I made sure I left enough clay in the bottom for my foot.After throwing all of my bowls I take a measurement of the interior so I can make a chuck for them to sit on. The chuck is then thrown and let to stiffen up along with the bowls. I'll usually let the bowls sit out until I can flip them over without damaging the rims. Then, when the bottoms are soft leather hard they are ready to cut (trim).
Here is the chuck, which is just a tapered, low cylinder. You can see that I have made it so the rim of the bowl will wedge down on it about middle ways.
Here is the bowl on inverted on the chuck. I forgot to mention that I throw the chuck on a batt. That way when I am ready to use it I can just put it back on my batt pins and it is centered and ready to go. A few light taps on the bowl will center it on the chuck.
Here is the finished foot. I lift the bowl off and replace it with the next one to be footed.
Hope that was a bit helpful. Like I said maybe I can shoot a video of the actual cutting. If you have access to the Hamada video, The Art of the Potter, it shows him cutting some feet and is really excellent.
Happy Friday.