No kittens, or Jimmy Hoffa, or fruitcake or children. Just some red clay. I mixed about 600 lbs of earthenware at Clayworks on Tuesday. Yesterday I pugged the lot of it and got it stored in a big garbage bin.
I threw a few yunomi and some plates with it yesterday. I like this clay a lot. It has plenty of grog and a fireclay/brickclay called Neuman Red from California. I did pick some bits of rock out of it. I'm not sure if that came from the Neuman or from the sides of the Solder mixer (which is concrete). Anyhow I doubt I'll continue to use the Neuman in any future batches. It seems rather silly to be transporting clay across the country when I can get something more local. So I'll be on the lookout for that.
I'm gonna be making some more pots today and mixing my white slip. I'm pretty much putting everything on hold for this month to play with this new clay and deco ideas. It's challenging for me to try something new and not over think it or try to see where it will go. So for now it's just for fun.