Late Start

I didn't get started in the shop today until 2pm. I went to the Arts Council to help out painting pedestals and panels and stayed there about 2.5 hours. We were supposed to have a group of volunteers come but only me and one other showed. The staff worked too. Anyhow I do quite a bit there but I'm feeling kinda resentful that no else showed up.

So after lunch I made 6 plates, 6 beer mugs, 3 jugs , and 4 biggish bowls. (I made those 3 cap jars yesterday.)
I mixed up slip and glaze tests over the weekend. Here's my little chemistry area.
I borrowed this test kiln from a friend so I could fire my test pieces. (Those 2 on top are drying out). I'm gonna work some glaze tests into my first big bisque firing as the temperature for some of these glazes is the same as the bisque temp. Anyhow I have a plan...we'll see how it goes.
I'm pretty psyched about all this. I LOVE this clay. It is just what I want, earthy, gritty, imperfect, cuts well, throws pretty good. It smells good in the bin too!
Thanks for everyone's honest comments and links to sites for helpful deco. inspiration. Keep your fingers crossed for my first glaze firing (hopefully this weekend).