I got an email from David Jones this week. David and his wife, Tess Doran, are amazing jewelry makers. They used to live not far from here and Sarah took a class at Penland under them some years ago. Take time to visit Dave and Tess' blog, This is MADE. I really love the picture of them in the header. Dave has a keen sense of style, I always like seeing him at shows. I feel like such a brown paper bag next to him in my jeans and tee-shirt.

Amazing news....Sarah got into her studio recently and made some jewerly. She's had little time or energy to do that sort of work in quite a while. I don't think she's been in there but a handful of times since grad. school. It was so wonderful for me to hear her back there hammering. Music to my ears. We both worked at home for about 7 years after we were married. I miss those days. I know she wants to be working in there more. I'll get some pics up of the pendent she made that day later on.

All for now. I'm off to the library this morning and then back to get my truck packed for tomorrow's show in Charlotte.
Happy Friday!