Here are some examples of what I heard on Saturday.

"Wow this is new!"
"This doesn't look like your work Ron."
"Hey is this your work? I like it."
"Are you still firing your salt kiln?"
"We walked right by here and didn't know this was you"
"I love that amber glaze."
"These drawings are great. I love the piranha."

I visited some other potters in their booths and they asked, "Are you here? Where are your pots?" I'd tell them and they'd say, "Wow that's new, it doesn't look like your work at all Ron, I really like it, are you still firing your salt kiln? Is this earthenware?!"

Ha! Anyhow it was fun to introduce my slipware to folks who haven't seen it before. It was well received and I think it even surprised some folks that I could do something different. Maybe too it was a reminder that we don't have to do the same thing forever.

I took this photo yesterday. Sarah is rooting a plant on the window sill, with the curtain pulled over, it gave nice silhouette.

Off to the workshop. Have a good Monday.