Obamaware Update

Here is the email that I got from Ayumi this morning. Please help spread the word.

Hi Ron,
Here is the latest, and hopefully the final word, on the sale.

Obamaware will now be up for auction on Ebay starting:
Sunday night, October 19th, at 8 pm EST and will be up for 3 days

I recommend getting an account early so you'll be ready to bid. Each piece will have a Buy It Now option, which is 200% of the retail price, so first come, first serve. The entire auction, though, will be up for 3 days. The bright spot in all this is that we hope to raise even more money for our favorite candidate this way.

Nothing is up yet on Ebay, the Preview continues on my site (crossing my fingers for no crashes) until it goes live on ebay Sunday night. Since the last time I emailed, I've added almost 30 new pots from Elizabeth Robinson, Kirk Mangus, and Ron Philbeck.

Read more about the Obamaware artists

Again, my apologies for slow loading and crashing sites- who knew this would get so huge? The blogosphere has picked up this event with lots of passion and support. Thank you for all your patience and support and good luck bidding!!

Please help spread the word about the rescheduling!