Rainy day today. I took it pretty easy in the studio, it is Friday after all. Made these few pots and finished up some 8 lb bowls. The bisque is all loaded and will fire off tomorrow.

I am having a good time coming up with some new deco. I need to get into my drawing journal a little more seriously each day. Well not really seriously,but you know do some drawing.

I've liked brushing the slip on pots versus pouring or dipping the pot in the slip. I can get this nice 'dry brush' thing happening and can get thick and thin areas of slip on the surface. I can also impart a sense of movement.

Brushing perpendicular to any previously incised line will leave the line exposed.

None of these pots have been glazed and fired yet so I'm excited to see what they will look like finished. My plan has been to try and create a more layered look on the surface; more depth. Of course I can work with that during the glazing process too.
Hopefully I'll have a load of finished pots by Tuesday.