Just unloaded the kiln this morning. Pretty good results all around considering I was working with some new materials and techniques. First up, some cups. You can tell a big difference between the slip that I brushed on and the poured slip. I rather like the thick/thin quality of the brushed slip. Sometimes it's too thin though, maybe, not sure, I'll have to live with it for a few more days. I do think it's got potential. All 7 of these cups have a new clear glaze and guess what? crawling, no crazing !!!!!!! So far, it could craze later, let's hope not.

I got a little carried away with the green on that middle cup.

This bowl has the brushed slip, see I think it could have been a little thicker. Keep trying...
Thank goodness all these came out. This finishes up a commission of dinnerware for a good customer. This is my old glaze that tends to crawl unexpectedly. No crawling!!!!! Yea! Boy, I must be living right.
Now this....this is not what I want. The new glaze made my copper slip turn this really (to me) terrible color of turquoise (?). So that's out. Lesson learned not to put the new glaze over the green slip. Yikes.
Gotta go.