Pots and Book

This book came in the mail today. Yeaaaaaa. Mary Wondrausch (according to Hannah and Doug) is the Queen of Slipware. I'm looking forward to tucking into it tonight. I've seen MW's pots online but I'm looking forward to the day I get to see some in person. I tried not to over do it today in the shop. I've only got 1/2 day tomorrow to work and then all day Friday. Sarah and I are heading to Asheville, NC on Saturday for the weekend. Much needed get away.

So a dozen mugs and plates and 6 serving bowls. Hopefully all this will be finished, slipped and decoroated before I leave on Sat. I'd like to also have some bakers under plastic waiting for me when I get home, and some jars too. So that's on the agenda for Friday.

Now for tea and Mary Wondrausch