Monday Part 3.

The pots are in the kiln and hopefully I'll have some new work to show you on Friday.

In the workshop Sunday, Cheri pointed out how many people are "Dissatisfaction Specialists". Pretty catchy huh? I noted that I'm certainly one of them. I feel as though I never really allow my self to be satisfied. Even for a moment. That's not very good. I thought as an example all the work I've done this year on the slipware and how much I've accomplished. With each kiln load I think I've allowed myself to be briefly content but what really goes through my mind is 'okay what's next?'....' get on with it.'

Of course many will say that we should never be satisfied, how else would we keep getting better, or moving forward?

Is that the point of life?

Not for me to say.

What I would like to do is allow myself to enjoy moments (or even longer periods) of satisfaction. This would be a much better way for me to live as opposed to being dis-satisfied much the time.

The workshop was centered around this statement, "The focus of my attention determines the life I have." We discussed awareness and attention and did exercises that helped us focus our attention or direct our attention to certain areas. Namely, the body, emotion, mind, and mind content.

I feel like I could go on about all this but that's probably enough for tonight. I'm out of tea and it's time for some reading and then bed. So that's all my thoughts and such for this Monday. It's been a good day in many ways.