I was pleased for the most part with my firing. Well I was actually really happy with it all. Only one loss. I am trying new things with my surface to liven it up a bit. I am finding that I like working on the surface more than I thought I would. Coming from such a long non-deco period this is surprising to me.

Of course I'm also learning as I go so I am trying to embrace that part and take the good with the bad. I feel like I'm also giving myself permission to make these pots more of my own as I grow. It's nice to see that happening and a good feeling.
I had a few preconceptions about what I wanted this work to look like when I started back in February. I am noticing I am letting some of those go as I discover new things. For instance I really wanted to have a deep watery glaze coat. Like a lead glaze. But since I've been playing around and experimenting with glazes I've found that I like a thinner coat of glaze, a sheen sort of. It reminds me a bit of the thin salt glaze from my stoneware work. (Of course you can't really tell that much in these photos.)
It's fun for me right now to just allow myself to be in this process and to make work and play some. I think I'm at a point in life where I am trying to take myself less seriously. Or maybe it's just a phase. Either way I may as well enjoy it.