Thursday Stuff

I had an appointment with my acupuncturist today in Charlotte. I've been going for a couple months now and I've really seen some improvement in several areas, physically, emotionally and mentally. She is treating my depressed tendencies by changing my diet (no dairy, less acidic foods, etc) and with herbs. I've really felt more upbeat recently and I think it has a lot to do with this treatment. The acupuncture is part of this as well and also for some physical pain in my arms, neck, shoulders, and back. Today I had a cupping treatment. Visit that link to get an idea of what it is. I had 14 of those cups stuck to my back while sitting up. It was pretty cool and felt great. My back looks like it was attacked by a giant squid now though.

Well none of this has anything to do with that goat dish. I just put it up there so you'd have something nice to look at!

I've got pots waiting under plastic to be slipped and decorated. I need my photographer (Sarah) to be around as I'm submitting photos to a book that I hope to be included in. Hopefully we'll get some images shot on Saturday.

Today I bought some containers of underglaze so I can play around with some color. I'm planning on making some small dishes next week and just having a couple play days. Should be fun. I picked up a couple watercolor brushes today too, small sizes for fine lines.

All right that's it. Thanks to Gary for posting about me and Doug and Matt. Hi to all of Gary's army of followers out there!! I'll be returning the favor soon.