Do I Need More Social Networking?

So a couple months ago I joined Facebook to see some photos of a potters work. I didn't plan on getting 'friended' all of a sudden and now I've friended people etc etc. I don't really get F.B. like I do blogging. But I'm on there.

Then yesterday I was listening to NPR and caught a bit about Twitter, which I joined up on this morning to see what that was all about. Not much. I mean how many times a day can I log into T and answer the question "What are you doing right now?" ?

I stay on this machine way too much as it is. I need an intervention. I don't know if I'll keep my F.B. account much longer and I just deleted my Twitter account. (Sorry if I Tweeted you today, you're now on your on).

Blogging is plenty for me.