Hey there, what's new?  This site!!  Well it's been in the works for a while and I still have some tweaking to do but I'm really excited to be moving here from Blogger.  All my old content has been imported so you're not losing anything.

I have more room to do things here.  Notice the 'Pages' on the right.  I'll be adding new content to those over the next month.

I'll also be adding my blogroll in the next day or two.  So if you were with me on Blogger then I'll be bringing you on over here too.  I hope you'll do the same for me by updating your blogroll to this new URL .  Feel free to leave the old one up, or just delete it.  I really want folks to find me here so anyway you all can help me I would appreciate it.

I'll continue to add new folks to my blogroll as I find you.

I'm still working on how I want this site to look.  So the header may change or even the overall layout.  We'll see.

What else??  Well maybe that's enough for now.  I'll be making my last post on Blogger on Jan. 1st.  Mostly I'll be working here, so check in often and leave me some feedback or a comment.