Art-O-Mat in Shelby

The Cleveland County Arts Council in Shelby has acquired an Art - O - Mat machine. I am so excited for us to have this in our town. Original art for $5. And the excitement of obtaining it in such a unique way.

Art - O - Mat machines are the brainchild of Clark Whittington of Winston Salem, NC. The machines are retired cigarette vending machines. Clark was room mates in college with local accountant and Arts Council member Jay Gragg. Jay had the idea of getting us a machine and last Thursday Clark came out and installed it for us.
Below you can see the excitement of obtaining a piece of original art from the Art-O-Mat.
The art comes packaged in small boxes or on blocks of wood that are wrapped in cellophane.

Sarah got a necklace with a wire pendant made by Michelle Cutler.I got this really groovy dog boy painting by Asheville artist Julie Armbruster. Totally suits me right?!!!!

Once the first supply of art has run out we will restock with new artists some of which will be locals. For more information please check out the Art-O-Mat website. You can find out how to get one in your area, or find an exsisting one, you can also find out how to apply to be an Art-o-Mat artist.