Spontanous Kiln Building

Some spontaneous kiln building erupted today down in the shed. I got started after lunch and had all this done by 4:30 pm. I had to stop to come in and get supper going (more on that later).This is going to be my new bisque kiln and the kiln I fire my earthenware in. The walls are one brick thick which I think is fine for those temperatures. It is going to have a flat, ceramic fiber roof, and will be loaded from the front there. It will accommodate two 12"x 24" shelves. I think the stacking space will be about 10.5 cubic ft, depending on how far up I go with the walls.
I'm not sure of that flue dimension. It looks large but I went ahead with it. I can come in later and make it smaller, no problem.
I have been thinking about this kiln for a while so I should be able to knock it out in a few more sessions. You can see some plans for a similar kiln here. That kiln has 9" walls I believe and a brick flattop which looks like a total pain. If I were going to go to all that trouble I'd just build a sprung arch.
Okay gotta go for now