Hannah has a picture on her blog of banana boxes filled with pots. I too am a 'banana box' potter. Sometimes at shows people will say, 'here comes the banana boy'. I learned the banana box packing method from Tom Gray so I am just carrying that tradition along.

I have felt out of sorts and lost in my direction lately (that's nothing new really, but I mean in the pottery shop). So yesterday I got down to figuring out what I need to do next and plan for the coming week or so. I am back in the stoneware and have almost enough pots for two firings of the salt/soda kiln. Yesterday I wrote out a short 'to make' list and knocked out about half of it. I will fire the salt kiln next week and hopefully a load of earthenware too. Then one more firing of the salt kiln before my Home Sale at end of March (notice I have my Calender for 2008 there on the right).

I am almost out of stoneware clay so that will have to be mixed soon, but in the mean time the earthenware will come out of the rack and that will be enough for two small firings. Maybe I'll get my gas kiln finished before then.

The NC Potter's Conference is coming up in early March and I am really looking forward to going and seeing all my friends and having a fun weekend.

I just put some bread in the oven and it should come out in about 30 min. Then it's out to finish up pots and move on with the day.

The lunar eclipse was quite beautiful last night.