Feedback. Thanks.

Thanks for all the comments. I got home late last night from teaching and it was cool to get all the feedback. I do feel like my testing has paid off and I have a good, simple base of slips and glazes to work with. Basically I have a white, a green and a black slip, an amber glaze and a cream glaze. I have settled on a clay body I like to throw and is nice and tight at cone 03. With these few materials I have all sorts of possibilities.

I really like the black with trailed slip and I have always liked ladling slips to get blocks and stripes. I've done dots off and on over the years on my salt glazed pots and the x's and o's show up a lot in my journal drawings. I'll settle into some things that I'll do more than others for sure. I need to work out some things composition-wise when I try to draw on pots, but that will come from drawing in my spare time and just experimenting. I'm pretty optimistic about my decorating skills becoming more developed, something I've never felt before. I don't want the deco to
become 'slick' or fancy, I just want it to work visually, have some edge, and some tension. (I should have went to art school for at least a year).

Well anyhow here are two pots that didn't get photographed yesterday. A small knobanall (that's knob and all, because you throw it all in one piece and then cut the lid) and a green mug with incised lines.

I'm volunteering a lot at the Arts Council this week, we are having an event tomorrow called Bowling for Dollars. People pay $15 for a pottery bowl (donated by local potters) and come in for a lunch of homemade soup. It's always very successful and sells out way in advance. I think this year we had 240 bowls donated. I was just there and the ladies in the kitchen were getting ready for the big soup cookoff. It smelled great. I'll get some images up tomorrow.