At Last

Okay, finally Blogger is letting me upload some images.
The NC Potters Conference was great this year. The three presenters were (left to right) Mary Law, Jane Hamlyn, and Robin Best. They had never met before, but of course knew of one another by reputation. They got along wonderfully and had great discussions and interplay while each one worked. I have been to this Conference many years and this was only the second time I've seen all the presenters interact so well together.
I took a two week workshop with Mary Law at Arrowmont Craft School early on in my pottery days. She taught me a lot and I feel fortunate to have chosen her class. Of course, being a salt glaze potter, I have forever admired Jane Hamlyn. Here are a few of her pots from the gallery. Robin Best makes wonderful slip cast pots in porcelain. She worked through her process from beginning to end. She is a wonderful maker. She had only brought a few pots and sadly I didn't get any images. You can find her work on the internet.
Below is a covered jar with bamboo handle by Mary.
I'll be talking more about what I took away from the weekend at the Conference as the week goes on.