End of the Week

I met up with Julie and Jen and Amy this morning for breakfast. We had a good chat and then headed over to the Arts Council to break down our displays from the Treasures of the Earth exhibit. I think we all had a good show . Then it was back home for me to finish up pots from the week, handling cups and tankards, slipping and decorating a bit too. I had a customer drop by to pick up some dinnerware and I also spent a little time outside. Its been wonderful weather this week but will be rainy tonight and tomorrow so I figured I'd better make the most of it. It's wonderful to see everything greening up. Some trees are budding out and the pear trees are in bloom. I love spring. I especially like that we have started daylight savings time.Here are a couple jars that I worked on today. Slipped and incised with the bird. The black lines are ink which I was using as a reference, I hope it burns out, I've never done that before.

Tomorrow morning the Junior Charity League it having a big garage sale at the fairgrounds. I'm going to head over early with my dad to see if we can find some bargains.

Homemade pizza for dinner tonight, can't wait.