Westmoore Pottery

While I was staying in Seagrove for the Conference I went by Westmoore Pottery. At Westmoore , David and Mary Farrell make redware, salt glaze and green glaze pottery in traditional ways. You can view their website for more images and details. Their pottery has appeared in such films as , The Patriot, 3:10 to Yuma, Cold Mountain and many others.I stopped in and had a chat with Mary. I also picked up a copy of North German Folk Pottery, which had been recommended by Michael Kline.
These are just a few images from around the pottery showroom. I have always admired this pottery. The Farrrell's have one of the best places in Seagrove. I feel like I am in a cosy home as well as a pottery show place.Here are just a few images of pots. I wish I could have stayed longer to talk with Mary, but she got a phone call and I had to run off to the conference. I hope to stop back in next time I am in the area. Mary and David both have tons of expertise and information on the kinds of work they produce.