Odd Monday

No multiples of six today. My Home Sale is coming up in a couple weeks and I'll be featuring my earthenware so I thought I'd make a couple teapots and a funky jar or two.I started some hump molded pots too. These will come off the plaster tomorrow.
This is sort of an experiment, I took a hump molded bowl, centered it on the wheel, added a coil and threw the rim. I'm gonna make few more and see how I like them.
I made a few yunomi, which I think I'm going to start calling whiskey cups since no one seems to buy them at my home sales. And some trays that will get feet tomorrow.
I also played around making some long oval trays. I botched one up and have another drying for tomorrow.
Anyhow I thought today how I want to take some risks with this work. Try out some forms that aren't so predicable, and go ahead with the drawings.
Well I gotta say I'm trying to watch tv and write this post at the same time...so both are suffering. More tomorrow.