Circle Sale

The Circle of Eight Spring Sale was yesterday. The weather was rainy at times but we still had a nice turnout during the first part of the day. My sales were very good. I only showed the earthenware and it was well received. Honestly it's the best show I've had in awhile (other than my Home Sales), so needless to say I was pleased. It does make me a bit anxious that this new work is selling well. Sarah said, "Ron, can't you let yourself be successful?". I guess I can, it just feels funny.

Everyone's work looked great. Each of us has had made some changes in our work since we started this group a few years ago. It's neat to see us grow as individuals and as a group. We have secured a couple exhibits this year and I'll post about them later.

Our guests were Blaine and Laura Avery from Seagrove NC. We were happy to have them. They had a bit of truck trouble, Blaine says Charlotte, NC is sort of jinx town for them. Something always goes wrong. They both make great work and the customers enjoyed buying their pots and tiles and meeting them.

I picked up a new gallery while in Charlotte this past week. I am happy to say I'll be showing my earthenware at Lark and Key Gallery in the NoDa District. It's a wonderful space and I'm very excited to be there. I'll be delivering work to them this week.