A Bit Silly

I've been meaning to write about when I unloaded the kiln last time before the Circle sale. I have to say I don't think I ever unloaded my salt kiln or my old cone 10 glaze kiln and had a chuckle at the pots. It was usually something like, 'oh, nice flashing, good orange peel on that one.' or something another. When I unloaded all my goofy long neck birds and fish and piranha and such they just made me laugh. I have always wanted to be this 'serious' potter (whatever that means. I have this stupid dogma in my head about that but no need to go into it now).

So I'm trying not to think too much about all this new stuff. I tend to really get ahead of reality and make up all kinds of stuff in my head if I'm not careful. It is fun to be messing around with some new pots and being more lighthearted about it all. I think they are pretty good. I am having to be careful not to worry too much about what I think Potter X would say about them. Or my dreaded Inner Critic. My Inner Critic likes to pretend he's Potter X or Potter Z and give me a bunch of grief. Maybe I can get my I.C. to lighten up and play alittle with this new stuff.

Here's a cup I kept for myself out of the last firing. I like the shape a lot and the places where my fingers were when I dipped the slip.

Well I just wanted to mention that bit about laughing while unloading the kiln. Didn't mean to go into all that therapy stuff. Anyhow have a fun day, do something silly.